Friday the 13th

I am having a wonderful day! I attended an afternoon meeting at my son’s preschool on facilitating parental involvement in school beginning in Pre-K through high school. Afterwards, I had a lovely chat with my son’s teacher, Mrs. B, the much beloved Mary Poppins in our life. And, as an aside, I even got to meet the highly competent Superintendent of our public school system who’ve I’ve been wanting to introduce myself to for some time now. And I didn’t forget to drop off my collection of Box Tops for Education in the school Secretary’s office. All in all, a great afternoon spent at school – one of my favorite places in the whole world. I don’t know exactly what it is but I thrive and flourish in the school environment. I did as a kid and I do as an adult. It’s probably because I am a self-affirmed and self-proclaimed geek. Nonetheless, a great day at school and on Friday the 13th no less!

My husband is at work, my son is with his Grandma and Grandpa for the rest of the day, and I’m going for coffee tonight with my girlfriends. A day just for me. It just doesn’t get much better than this. And my shadowing dates at the local hospital next week have been confirmed. I’ll only do 4 hours a day to start for a total of 8 next week. If I sense that I’d benefit from further shadow time before making a decision about whether or not I see myself as a PCA (Patient Care Assistant), and ultimately want to commit to the program, I have up to an additional 11 1/2 hours to find that out as well in the weeks/months to come. Time will tell. I am so very excited about this opportunity. In the meantime, I have a little Nursing Program research to do. I will also schedule a meeting with the hospital’s education department coordinator when I’m there next week to learn more about the PCA program and what it has to offer.

It’s almost 4 o’clock here and the blowing and drifting snow continues outside my window. It’s been steadily snowing all day long. Given that we live in the Northeast and that this is the first real cold and snowy day of the season I feel quite fortunate. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been inside for most of the day, at home and at school, and don’t have to be out in it. Though I do have a couple errands to run this afternoon if I can pry myself away from the computer before coffee tonight. Hmm…running around town in the snow for the next couple hours or staying home where it’s warm and toasty. Decisions, decisions.

On that note, I’ll close for now as time is a tickin’. Happy Friday the 13th!

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