Day One of Two

This morning was my first shadowing experience at the local hospital. Just as I’d thought, I was on my feet all day. If I pursue work as a Patient Care Assistant I’ll definitely invest in a couple pairs of shoes with gel inserts because it’s no exaggeration to say that 98% of a PCA’s day is spent on her feet. I was only there for 4 hours and my feet were just fine, but that’s only 4 hours observing vs. 8-12 hour shifts lifting, “running” from one room to another, etc.

I had a capable and efficient instructor today who gave me a very good sense of the job and what it takes to do it well. Even though I was only observing rather than doing the work myself it’s easy to see how an 8-12 hour shift could fly by on the busiest of days. Today’s experience gave me much to think about tonight and many more questions for tomorrow.

I have a steep learning curve as I have no experience in the medical profession other than from the patient side of things and even that is somewhat limited. What I do know after today is that I am up to the task and that it would be the perfect entry level position in patient care, especially if I plan to pursue a Nursing degree in the future. That said, while I feel up to the job I’m still not quite sure how the day-to-day changing of bed pans, linens, dressings, etc. would suit me. It’s one thing to watch that being done and even doing it from time to time, but this would arguably be a significant part of the job on a daily basis. It doesn’t gross me out or make me queasy or even uncomfortable so much as I’m just not sure that’s how I want to spend my time daily. I’ll sleep on it and approach it fresh tomorrow for Day Two of my shadowing. Until then…

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